Thursday, October 30, 2014

Released 2.3.7

We just released verison 2.3.7 and took the 2.3.x line out of beta.  If you've been sticking with the more stable 2.2 line then you now have the following features and bug fixes to look forward to:

TFS 2013

We now support Team Foundation Server 2013 including the new Git based projects.  You may also be happy to learn we fixed some issues we had with watching builds from multiple project collections.  You can also search and add new builds more easily for those with large TFS repo's.

Travis Pro and Enterprise

We now support Travis Pro and Travis Enterprise.


If you have a large Jenkins repository you can now filter and select all nodes more easily.


CruiseControl.Net now returns comments and build names.  Big thanks to Benoit Martin (benoit808) and Jonathan Ritchie for these contributions.

Bug Fixes

  • The chat box in news now only appears if you're a Team CI member - in which case it allows you to chat with your team only (What is Team CI? More on this later.)
  • Fixed the issue with adding and playing custom .mp3's when you had upgraded via wyGet
  • You can now type your username in "Who I Am" rather than having to wait until you perform a build (Issue #47)
  • The full screen shortcut key ("F") is now Alt-F, fixing a problem with using that character while chatting :)
  • Fixes performance issues when watching many builds (see Issue #38 and Issue #16 on Github)
  • When a build definition is unavailable, Team City no longer breaks (thanks @monovo for this contribution)
  • In TeamCity when one build fails to connect we now return unknown build status rather than mark the entire server an unavailable (Issue #24)


That's it for now.  This update sets the stage for a big announcement we'll have shortly.  In the meantime thanks for all your support!


  1. Unfortunately, this version doesn't resolve my issue, which is very similar to #38 and #16. I'll try to report it on GitHub soon.

  2. Is your issue new? Please do report it, especially if it's liable to affect others.

  3. Previous to the most current update I was running v2.2.3
    After the update to 2.3.7 SoS is looping through the entire build history (7 years) and adding achievements as if all the builds just took place. For the whole historical team.
    A. How do I stop it from doing this.
    B. How do I clean the mess it make of my achievements.
    C. Why even if I have Never check for updates checked did SOS still update?

  4. @Ted: Oh no! Re A & B: Can you please start a GitHub ticket so we can communicate more easily. In it can you please explain in more detail what you're seeing and more precicely how it messed up your achievements?

    Re C: You had the "Never check for updates" radio selected in settings and it still did the update? I'm very surprised. Can you please start a github ticket for that too?

  5. Did anyone else see strange behavior during upgrade?

  6. My team is getting new issues on the CI Monitor for TFS. We are getting weird names like "vstfs:///Framework/IdentityDomain/2cea6311-\Project Collection Service Accounts" that aren't mapping properly, followed by another immediate 'build' by "\svc-tfs"

  7. Hey @Christopher, can you please post a screenshot and/or start a git ticket and/or send it to support at our domain name? Are you seeing anything strange in the logs?

  8. FYI we just published 2.3.8. It addresses a different, bug possibly related bug that was anonymously submitted. It's here:


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