Thursday, January 26, 2012

Firmware V2

We released a new version of the firmware last week. This version provides new audio for existing siren of shame devices. Specifically it contains a sad trombone sound, a ding and a plunk. You can find the new file and instructions on the new firmware page of the site.

We'll publish new versions from time to time. No need to use the most recent, feel free to pick the version you like the most.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

How To Report Errors

Updated 3/29/2014

We have moved our issues list to GitHub, please report issues there.

Also, you can get to the logs in Siren of Shame 2.0 like this:

Original Post

If you find an error please report it on the issues list of the Google Code site. When you do please provide relevant information from the logs such as a stack trace. You can get to that by clicking "View Logs..." from here:

Monday, January 9, 2012

Released 1.3

Here's what's new:

Full Screen Mode (106)

Now you can have a wall of shame to compliment your siren:

Alerts (142)

To advertise to you, isn't that awesome?

Mute Siren (134)

In case the shareholders meeting next door is trying to figure out which developers to fire.

Edit Names and Hide Users (135 & 136)

Right click a name in the reputation bar to find some new options:

New names cascades everywhere.

Bug Fixes
  • Full screen mode for The Enforcer didn't restore your screensaver settings until app close (138)
  • Builds are now listed alphabetically when adding (#6)
  • TFS now supports multiple mappings in a workspace (#7)
  • Fixed "The process cannot access SirenOfShame.config because it is being used by another process" (#140)
  • Fixed "could not open the firmware upgrade file" if firmware file not present (#139)
  • Can now downgrade firmware (#141)