Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Released: Siren of Shame 2.4

Version 2.4 has a huge number of features and bug fixes since 2.3.  Here are highlights:

Custom Avatars!

Custom avatars has been the #1 requested feature (usually predicated with "whoever thought of cat and dog avatars should be shot").

You can now add custom images by clicking a person and then "change" on the left:

Then the new picker dialog gives two additional choices.  Gravatar, which requires an e-mail address:

And Custom which allows selecting images on disk, from a url, or from Active Directory.  In all cases images will be resized and possibly stretched if they are not already square.

Import avatars en-mass from AD

Theoretically you can now import avatars for all of your users if active directory contains images.  Do this from settings.

However, users have seen mixed results.  If you have an active directory with images we would greatly appreciate your help in flushing out this feature.

New Full Screen Mode

Alt-F (or "Full Screen" from the ribbon) now gives you a lot more information:

If everything is too small by default we now have:

Ability to zoom

Ctrl+ and Ctrl- will zoom nearly everything (currently excluding avatars) which is super handy when projecting to a dedicated screen, although it works in normal mode too.  Ctrl-0 will reset to normal.  On that topic:

Ability to start in full screen mode

This long time feature request is handy for dedicated machines that project build info.  Get to it in settings.

TFS 2015 Support and New Build Definitions

This is a completely new server type that uses the new TFS REST API and supports the new non-XAML based build definitions.

If you're using Visual Studio Team Services (Visual Studio Online) you probably need to generate a Personal Access Token for authentication, more details in a future blog post.

Support for AppVeyor CI Servers

Through a generous contribution from from jezzsantos.

And Some Other Stuff

  • Replaced all unencrypted server communication with https 
  • Added rank indicator to list of leaders (thanks to Johan Olsson) 
  • Support for Team City 10.0.4 (thanks to iamkrillin)
  • Adds a maximize button (different from full-screen)
  • App now shows in taskbar when not minimized

And Some Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where sos tries to update itself after every reboot
  • Resolved Issue #67 where leaders where getting duplicated
  • Fixed bug with long running reputation resets conflicting with in-progress builds
  • Fixed issue where opening and closing settings dialog would show stale build info
  • Fixed bug in (older) TFS dialog where checking project or project collection didn't check build definitions
  • Team city builds that have been deleted on the server can now be removed by editing the server configuration 
  • Fixes Issue #68 - Manually triggered builds in TeamCity had no-one associated with them (generously contributed by @iamkrillin)


We hope you'll download and try out the new version today.  Let us know what you think in the comments, on twitter, or on facebook.