Saturday, April 19, 2014

Released 2.2.0

Today we released Siren of Shame 2.2.0, adding some good stuff including the #1 most requested feature:

Custom Audio Sounds 

"Sounds", it's a new option in the menu:

Click it to add/delete/preview MP3's or WAV's:

Then configure rules to play them:

With per-user rules and our fancy rule engine you can now taunt co-workers by name when they break the build.  How cool is that?

Visual Studio Online

If you're into TFS (by choice or divine mandate) and using the Microsoft-hosted cloud version (previously called Team Foundation Services) we now have your back.  See Configuring Visual Studio Online for details.

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you're a keyboard kind of person (and what self-respecting developer isn't?) you'll appreciate the following new keyboard shortcuts:

  • 1-9 - Go to the build detail page for the appropriate build
  • Backspace - Go to the home page
  • Alt+1-9 - Go to the the user detail page for the appropriate user
  • F - Go full-screen

Bug Fixes

  • Can now treat unstable as passing for Jenkins (Issue #30)
  • When new users are added, the leaders tab now immediately updates (Issue #26
  • Fixes an issue with Team City authentication 
  • Fixes a bug with users that have comma's in their user names 
  • Fixes a bug with hidden users 
  • Fixes some issues with build dates (thank you @mightymuke
  • Fixed authentication issues in Travis 
  • Fixed issue #48 typo 
  • Fixed a bug with user mappings (thank you @gregorycu
  • Improved pretty date calculations 

Configuring Visual Studio Online for Siren of Shame

As of Siren of Shame 2.2.0 we now support Visual Studio Online (previously Team Foundation Services).

You will need to configure Visual Studio Online to enable authentication from Siren of Shame.  To do this:

1. Log in to Visual Studio Online
2. Edit your Profile

3. Click Credentials and select "Enable alternate credentials"

4. Enter a username and password
5. When you add a server in Siren of Shame the URL should be https://[myproject]/, and the username/password should be what you entered in alternate authentication credentials