Sunday, January 5, 2014

My CI Gets Localized

We recently talked with a Siren of Shame user who proudly announced that Siren of Shame was the second app they installed on their new smartphone.  Naturally we asked: "So what did you think?" to which they sheepishly responded "Um, it installed".

The problem was that the Siren of Shame app (Android in this case, but all the apps work the same way) showed global leader boards and global news.  The user could see the state of their builds, and the push notifications were nice, but they wanted localized gamification data.  They wanted to know their reputation within their team and to see news relevant to their project rather than competing with a bunch of people they didn't know.

Today we are proud to announce two new features for My CI customers that help make data more localized and relevant.

My CI News Feed

First, My CI customers now get news on their My CI page.  In fact, the page should look nearly identical to the Siren of Shame desktop app itself. The My CI page used to look like this:

And now the My CI page looks like this:

Better?  We think so, but feel free to respond in the comments.

Localized Mobile Apps

The second feature we want to announce is that effective immediately all mobile apps including Android, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Windows 8 now will show localized news and leader boards if you're signed up for My CI.  For instance here is the iPhone news feed, complete with check-in comments aggregated across build definitions:

The Leaders page looks similar in that only those individuals listed above will be shown.


We hope you enjoy the new localized data.  Please post in the comments if you feel we're headed in the right direction (or not) because there is more great stuff to come along these lines in 2014 (hint: it's called Team CI and it's nearly ready).