Thursday, November 8, 2012

Released 2.0.3


  • Can now sort columns in full screen mode by clicking on the column names (Issue #26)
  • Full screen mode displays on the monitor the app was last in (Issue #19)
  • Can hide users by right-clicking on them (and 'show all' from the menu to unhide)

Bug Fixes

  • Travis wasn't detecting server unavailable correctly
  • An error with one build in Hudson/Jenkins was shutting everything down, errors are now isolated
  • There is now more logging for when build statuses change to help diagnose issues some users are experiencing (Issue #40)
  • Attempted to fix the anonymously submitted "Cannot access a disposed object" bug (again)
  • Hudson/Jenkins wasn't always finding the author of a commit correctly


Big shout out to @mightymuke who contributed almost all of the features and bug fixes in this release.