Sunday, March 4, 2012

Released 1.5

Here's what's new:

Double click a build to see build details (86)

Oft-requested, finally implemented. This opens an appropriate URL, regardless of whether the build server is TFS, Team City, Jenkins, Hudson, Cruise Control, or Bamboo.

Display build id on main page (158)

Implemented across all CI servers. See screenshot above.

Can now sort builds (153)

Now you can keep the most recent builds on top rather than always sorting by name.

Added "Never Update" to configuration options (81)

Useful if you're on a disconnected network. Selecting this option will also disable retrieving alerts, so SoS will never try to get to the Internet at all.

Bug Fixes
  • "Invoke or BeginInvoke cannot be called on a control until the window handle has been created" (128)
  • TFS should treat partially succeeded as failed (150)
  • Team City bug: Can't move focus to the control because it is invisible, not enabled, of of a type that does not accept the focus (151)
  • TeamCity error: Timed out waiting for authentication was reported as a bug is now server unavailable (154)
  • CruiseControl.Net wasn't returning started date in some circumstances (155)
  • Importing firmware from some other cultures was causing an error when interpreting day as month (156)
  • When you close the Configure Server dialog it no longer refreshes all build status if nothing actually changed (157)

Hope you enjoy the updates. You can either download verison 1.5 here or if you're on a public network it should auto-upgrade on next install.

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Firmware V3

We just released a new version of the firmware that allows you to visually identify who broke a build from across the room. To accomplish this V3 contains 71 LED patterns!

Ok, technically it only contains 11 truly unique ones, but most of them have seven variations: the main pattern followed by 0-6 blinks. To identify who broke the build from across the room simply assign a number to each developer.

So imagine you get up to fix a cup of coffee, you hear the sad trombone, you glance up to see the "Jarring Flash" LED pattern, then a pause, then three blinks, then back to "Jarring Flash". Oh crap, you're developer #3. Quick, better get back to work and fix it before anyone notices.

The 11 led patterns are:
  • SOS
  • Slow Pulse
  • Pulse
  • Chase
  • Dark Chase
  • Fade Chase
  • Random Fades
  • Random
  • Jarring Flash
  • Dim; and
  • 255
Patterns like Slow Pulse, Random Fades, and Dim would be excellent indicators that a build has been triggered, but not broken. These patterns then would be good to allow you to see who checked in from across the room.

Sadly we had to remove audio to fit these LED patterns in our (whopping) 32K of memory, so we could only fit the sad trombone into this version. But hey, shoot us a note if you'd like a custom firmware build and we'll see what we can do.