Saturday, April 19, 2014

Released 2.2.0

Today we released Siren of Shame 2.2.0, adding some good stuff including the #1 most requested feature:

Custom Audio Sounds 

"Sounds", it's a new option in the menu:

Click it to add/delete/preview MP3's or WAV's:

Then configure rules to play them:

With per-user rules and our fancy rule engine you can now taunt co-workers by name when they break the build.  How cool is that?

Visual Studio Online

If you're into TFS (by choice or divine mandate) and using the Microsoft-hosted cloud version (previously called Team Foundation Services) we now have your back.  See Configuring Visual Studio Online for details.

Keyboard Shortcuts

If you're a keyboard kind of person (and what self-respecting developer isn't?) you'll appreciate the following new keyboard shortcuts:

  • 1-9 - Go to the build detail page for the appropriate build
  • Backspace - Go to the home page
  • Alt+1-9 - Go to the the user detail page for the appropriate user
  • F - Go full-screen

Bug Fixes

  • Can now treat unstable as passing for Jenkins (Issue #30)
  • When new users are added, the leaders tab now immediately updates (Issue #26
  • Fixes an issue with Team City authentication 
  • Fixes a bug with users that have comma's in their user names 
  • Fixes a bug with hidden users 
  • Fixes some issues with build dates (thank you @mightymuke
  • Fixed authentication issues in Travis 
  • Fixed issue #48 typo 
  • Fixed a bug with user mappings (thank you @gregorycu
  • Improved pretty date calculations 

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