Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Released 2.3.10

We just released version 2.3.10 to prod.  If you were on 2.3.7 (our last non-beta version) you now get:

Support for Team City 9.X
This was generously contributed by @tupac21354

A Slew of TFS Fixes

  • TFS was showing "IndividualCI" instead of the author and comment while build definitions were building. This has been fixed and a large part of the TFS logic rewritten (Issue #53
  • Fixed an issue in TFS where you couldn't easily select all build definitions (Issue #44

And Some Misc Fixes

  • Fixed SOS was ignorning "Never check for updates (Issue #50
  • Fixed a bug where you can't set "Who I Am" in the settings page 


Short and sweet this time.  Please shoot us a note at support at our domain name if you need help or drop a bug on github if you find any issues.


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