Sunday, September 14, 2014

Released 2.3.4 with Travis Pro / Enterprise Support

We just released version 2.3.4 which adds support for Travis Pro and Travis Enterprise.

Unfortunately setting up authentication isn't as straightforward as it could be.  To set up a private repository:

Configure Server in Sos

  1. Add Server, Select Travis
  2. Enter your Owner and Project
  3. Select a type of Public, Private (Pro), or Enterprise
  4. If you select Enterprise enter the full url to your domain (e.g.

Generate a Travis API Access Token
  1. Click "Generate New Auth Token"

  2. Follow the instructions on the page.  Specifically:
  3. Open GitHub's Application Settings
  4. Generate New Personal Access Token
  5. Give it a name and select the following scopes: repo, user:email, write:repo_hook, repo:status, read:org, repo_deployment
  6. Click Generate Token
  7. Copy the token's value and paste it into the textbox
  8. Click "Generate Token" and we will initiate a request to Travis (using the URL you specified on the previous screen) to create a travis API access token.
  9. Upon success the new travis api access token will be entered into the textbox on the configure server page and you can click "Add" and then "Add" again

Bug Fixes

  • Can now open up the Sounds menu from a fresh install 
  • When a build definition is unavailable, Team City no longer breaks (thanks @monovo for this contribution)


We hope you enjoy the new features.  Shoot us a note at support at our domain name if you need help or drop a bug on github if you find any issues.

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