Thursday, July 19, 2012

Travis CI Support in Siren of Shame 1.6

One of the new features in Siren of Shame 1.6 is support for Travis.  If you aren't familiar with Travis it's an awesome continuous integration server that works with GitHub projects.  No dedicated server required.

The beauty of this new feature is you can now gain reputation and earn achievements on your side projects in addition to your professional work.  Even if you have two instances of Siren of Shame, one at work and one at home, if they're both syncing to SoS online your reputation and achievements will be merged for purposes of the leader boards.

Adding Travis to Siren of Shame is slightly different than other CI servers because there is no authentication and projects are based on owner name and project name rather than url.

Other than that once you've added the project it will look just like a Jenkins, Team City or any other supported CI server.

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