Friday, July 6, 2012

Released 1.6

We've got some awesome new features.  Here's what's new:

Because why not gamify continuous integration?

Some of our favorites are "CI Ninja" which you get when you fix someone else's build.  Or "Macgyver" which you get when you reduce build times by 15%.

View the full list of 23 achievements on our website.  As an existing user we'll even retroactively find achievements from the time you started using the app.  You can also now view an individual's achievements by clicking on their name:

SoS Online
What good are achievements and reputation if you can't do a little smack talk?  You can do that with the SoS Online button:

If you create a free account and click "Sync whenever I trigger a build" we'll put you on the leader boards and keep your personal page up to date:

We even have the capability to manually sync if you've got crazy firewall rules or work disconnected.

We'll provide more details on achievements and SoS online in a future post.  We hope you enjoy and would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

You shouldn't even notice, but switching to Wix toolset should make the setup experience as smooth as butter.

New CI Server: Travis 
That's the one that runs against GitHub projects.  We'll provide more Travis details in a future post. 

New CI Server: Buildbot
Thanks to @BubbaFatAss for this contribution.

Minor Features

  • When people's reputation changes you can see the delta and a pretty fade animation
  • The error dialog now allows you to specify contact information
  • The firmware upgrade process is simpler there should be no more HidD_SetOutputReport bugs
  • You can now connect to TFS with a named account rather than your windows account
  • The SoS splash screen now displays the product version
  • If SoS gets an error while retrieving build status it now assumes the server is unavailable and won't send an error report unless you click a new button in the lower left of the status bar

Bugs Fixed

  • Issue #25: If you double click a build for TFS it now goes to the build status page rather than the artifact's page
  • Issue #22: Dates displayed on the main page are now culture-aware (e.g. d/M in europe, M/d in the US)
  • Issue #21: If you use Hudson or Jenkins with and set it's "Internal URL" incorrectly SoS no longer dies a terrible death
  • Issue #20: If two builds occur simultaneously in TFS SoS no longer bugs out
  • Issue #18: If you connect to TFS using someone else's credentials they are passed correctly in all API calls
  • Issue #16: SoS now runs under non-admin accounts
  • Issue #15: When you go back and edit the list of builds you're watching SoS defaults old watched builds to being checked
  • Issue #14: If you use Hudson or Jenkins with and set it's "Internal URL" incorrectly SoS no longer dies a terrible death
  • Issue #13: When you have multiple SoS instances open in different windows accounts SoS now gives a nice error message
  • If Team City runs a scheduled clean up jobs it no longer confuses SoS
  • If you haven't associated .log with a default app in Windows and you view the log you no longer get an error
  • If you have rules to make the LED lights on the device stop sometimes they would never stop

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