Monday, May 23, 2016

Announcing soscmd-1.0.jar

Until today integrating a siren of shame device into non-continuous integration workflows has involved either writing a custom app or paying for a Team CI Pro subscription to get a custom HTTP endpoint for your siren.  Even still the Linux story has been weak and the Mac story has been non-existent.

Today we are happy to release a new tool to address non-CI, cross-platform, custom workflow requirements of siren owners.  That tool is soscmd-1.0.jar.

As with everything, soscmd is open source.  All of the hardest work was performed with a generous contribution from Filip Hanik.  We are very grateful to him for his help.

Finally, this tool is also our first step in working toward a truly cross platform CI monitoring solution.  More details to come.


To get started
  1. Download soscmd-1.0.jar.  
  2. Ensure you have Java 8 JRE or later installed
  3. Enter java -jar soscmd-1.0.jar
With any luck you'll get something like this:

usage: soscmd -[i|ra|rl|m|l|a|sa|sl]

        -i  Retrieve info about device
        -ra List audio patterns
        -rl List led patterns
        -m  Manually set LED's
        -l  Play an LED pattern
        -a  Play an audio pattern
        -sa Stop audio
        -sl Stop LED's

At this point you should be able to connect a siren and do

java -jar soscmd-1.0.jar -i

and get something like this:

Firmware Version: 2

Hardware Type: Standard
Hardware Version: 1
Audio Mode: 0
Audio Play Seconds Remaining: 0
Led Mode: 0
Led Play Seconds Remaining: 0
External Memory Size: 0

Now if you want to manually light up some of the light bars you can do

java -jar soscmd-1.0.jar -m 128 0 255 0 0

which will set the 1st led bar to 50%, the 3rd led bar to 100% and the remaining bars to off.

To view the led or light patterns that your device has (which is based on your device's firmware) enter either the -ra or -rl command and you'll get something like this:

java -jar soscmd-1.0.jar -ra
Audio Patterns:
1 - Sad Trombone
2 - Ding!
3 - Plunk

If you want to play one of the audio commands above note the ID# and specify it along with a duration in seconds like this:

java -jar soscmd-1.0.jar -a 1 5

That plays the Sad Trombone for 5 seconds.  You can accomplish the same thing with a -l command to play led patterns or you can turn audio or led patterns off with -sa or -sl.


That's it!  Hope you enjoy, and if you do something fun with it please let us know.


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