Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Updated Android App V1.2

The Good News

We've fixed a bug in the Siren of Shame Android App that was turning on Android devices when users received push notifications.  This issue was causing mass butt-dialing everywhere.  For that we apologize to both senders and receivers alike.  The issue is fixed now ... with the caveat that:

The Bad News

   Siren of Shame V2- screenshot  The idiot who build our last app (an intern, honestly, not the author of this post) lost the original Android signing key.  That means the old version (1.1) won't auto-upgrade.

To get the new Android app you'll need to search Google Play for "Siren of Shame 2".

That also means we've lost all our excellent ratings.  Any ratings, good or bad, you could give the new app would be greatly appreciated.

Fortunately, the individuals responsible (stupid interns) have been thoroughly chewed out, tar and feathered, and made to back up the new key by scratching it into a bar of depleted uranium, so nothing like this will ever happen again.

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