Saturday, June 1, 2013

Released 2.1.1

In the excitement of announcing My CI we forgot to announce what else is new with versions 2.1 and 2.1.1.

Merge Duplicate Users

This oft-requested feature allows you to merge two users that are actually the same person.  Frequently this occurs for those monitoring multiple CI servers.  To perform a merge right-click on the user:

Then select who to merge that user with:

Notice the caveats above.  Specifically the system will not attempt to merge any previous check-ins, reputation, achievements, or stats.  However, the system will merge these going forward.


Again, as mentioned in our previous post 2.1 enables My CI, where you can get push notifications to mobile phones, a dedicated page on our site with your build information, and e-mails about build status changes and new achievements. 

If you were a beta user of 2.1, then 2.1.1:
  • Sync's users and their reputation, achievements and stats up to My CI
  • Sync's in-progress builds

Other Features

  • Full Screen mode now displays dates as pretty dates (e.g. 5 minutes ago).
  • Improved pretty date calculations

Bugs Fixed

  • The system was excessively updating the tray icon (Issue #16)
  • Full screen mode was displaying dates with incorrect time zone (Issue  #9)
  • Fixed a bug where the Jon Skeet achievement was too easy to get (Issue #42)
  • Fixed various smaller anonymously submitted bugs including null reference exceptions


  1. Hey we're just starting to test and fool around with SoS v2.1.1 at the company I work for and quite often, the Leader board stats do not seem to update until I exit SoS and re-open. For example the reputation stats will update for a short while then they seem to stop. The News will continue to update but the reputations will only start to update again after restarting the app. And it varies from computer to computer. Some will continue to update and some will not until you restart the app.

    I have SoS Online disabled. Any ideas what may be causing this?


    1. Hey Adam,

      I've seen a bug where new users won't show up until you restart. That's pretty high in the queue of things to work on.

      I haven't seen anything where stats and news won't get added for existing users.

      Have you noticed any patterns for when it happens? Did it used to work before 2.1.1? What version were you using previously?

      Please shoot us an e-mail at support at our domain name, so I can help debug more easily.

      - Lee

  2. Our duplicates all have the same usernames, for example we have 10 users listed as eswar.seetharaman when there is actually only one TC uset with that username. Using this 'is a duplicate' option lists that user only once, so I can't map them.

    Any ideas?

  3. Hey @RokitSalad, I think this was fixed in master. Does this look like the issue you were having:


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