Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How To Unbrick a Siren of Shame

Several of the sirens we've sent out recently have become bricked upon upgrading the firmware. Future sirens we ship should not have this issue, but if you find yourself in the following situation after an upgrade:

"It lights up, starts the spinning and then just stays lit after a few rotations (3 of 5 columns are lit). The “Show Off” button is no longer available"

Then the following procedure should unbrick you:

  1. Disconnect the siren
  2. Click “Upgrade Firmware” from the obscure button in the toolbar next to “Siren”
  3. Select the upgrade file
  4. Click “Upgrade”
  5. Wait until the text below the progress bar says “Upgrading…”
  6. Plug in the device before it times out (you’ll have about 10 seconds)

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